Maths & Stats One-to-One Tutorials

Maths and Statistics appointments are available on a wide range of topics with our experienced postgraduate tutors. Topics covered can be found in our Maths and Stats topics list.

Book a tutorial
Please read the information below carefully before booking a one-to-one tutorial. Tutorials can be requested using our online form (opens in a new tab).

Who are these for?
Maths and Stats appointments are open to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate (PGT) students who may have a mathematical or statistical element to their degree.

Please note that we cannot offer Maths and Stats tutorials to PhD (PGR) students.
We also cannot offer tutorials to help with modules run by the School of Mathematics and Statistics- please see below for further information.

Overview of the sessions
One-to-one appointments are free, online 60-minute sessions with a Maths or Stats tutor designed to offer you personalised support.

Our primary aim is to help students over occasional challenges—please note, we do not offer routine tutoring services. 

Sessions generally take place during office hours, which are 0900-1700, Monday-Friday.  We do not offer appointments over the weekend. 

If you would like an in person appointment, please email [email protected].

Who will be my tutor?
Experienced postgraduate (PhD) tutors.  Tutors may be from a different discipline from your own but can help you develop effective strategies and support you in approaching maths and stats aspects of your studies.

What can we help with?
For a list of topics that we currently cover, please see our topic list (opens in a new tab).

What can’t we help with?

  • Discipline-specific problems or content- these appointments are about supporting you with the underlying skills for learning. 
    • Please note that we are unable to offer appointments to help with modules run by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.  CEED targets the skills, such as study skills or maths & stats, that underpin academic subjects on offer in St Andrews, but does not provide subject specific support.  Just as we don’t offer 1:1 tuition in, for example, History or Chemistry, we cannot provide tuition for Mathematics and Statistics modules because of the overlap with core academic content. We encourage you to contact your module coordinator in the first instance. For sub-honours modules, Maths Base and your module tutor are also sources of help. If you have explored these avenues and feel you are not getting appropriate help please contact the Director of Teaching at [email protected].
  • Generating ideas and content or discussing written work that is not yet submitted.
  • Proofreading your work.  This is not a proofreading service. 

Guidelines for appointments

  • You can initially book up to 3 sessions per semester
  • If you would like an in-person appointment, please contact [email protected] in the first instance. 
  • Please note that it may be 24 hours before your appointment is allocated, therefore we may not always be able to fulfil last-minute requests. 
  • Read the information in your confirmation email carefully.   
  • If you are unable to attend please let us know as soon as possible. 
  • To cancel or reschedule please use the link provided in your confirmation email– do not just delete the appointment from your calendar as we will receive no notification of this.   
  • If you anticipate any problems accessing your appointment remotely, please get in touch at [email protected]. 
  • If you would like an appointment outside of office hours (for example, to fit around caring responsibilities) please email [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate.   

To get the most from your appointment you should:

  • Be as specific as you can about what you would like help with. In the first instance you should make one appointment.  It is more efficient to choose the one or two topics that are the most important.
  • Have your lecture notes/ textbooks/ tutorial notes with you in the session.
  • Expect to be treated as an independent learner.

Book a tutorial
Tutorials can be requested using our online form (opens in a new tab).